Creating text that captivates, informs, entices.


You’re the hero of your story. And it’s a story that needs to be told. But sorting out the details, finding time to write it, and making sure it says what you want it to say are all eluding you. I can help.


With more than 30 years of editing experience, I have a well-trained eye for details, consistency, and how to make text easy to read. I know the rules — and when to break them.

Web audit

I provide feedback on your website to show you ways you can improve your message for your customers. Your website is your business’s face to the world. Make sure it looks nice.



I’m old enough to listen.

When I edit, I listen to the sound of the words. Sometimes you need to break grammar rules. Other times, the rules are exactly what you need. Language has nuance. During more than 30 years of editing and proofreading, I have learned to listen to what a writer wants to say.

As a writer, I listen to the source to understand what they are saying. My favorite compliment comes when a subject I’ve interviewed tells me I captured in writing what they were trying to tell me. I do this by asking questions, letting them talk, and recording the words so I don’t miss any of the flavor of the quotes.

I take my time, I do the job well, because that’s what my experience has taught me works.

If you need my steady listening abilities that translate into sterling prose for your copy, I’m ready to help.

And if you want to listen to me share my interests — my passion for local food and farmers markets, the week I spent taking care of a lighthouse, or the year I worked on a kibbutz in Israel — I also have some interesting stories to tell.


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Writing Samples

Local Food Matters: Farm to School (.pdf)

Local Food Highlight – Montana cherries (excerpt from my ebook Montana Farmers Markets 2010 Guide: Stories of Montana food and the people who produce it) (.pdf)

Sample case study for a business (.pdf)

The Salvation Army Gave Roxanne a Place to Start (link to blog post)





Working with Mary on this writing project has been a great experience because of her professionalism and talent. Mary has a passion and gift for telling a good story.

Jan Gunter

Communications Director, The Salvation Army, Austin Metropolitan Area Command

Thanks, Mary – looks great! I’m impressed by your thoroughness!

Carol Garrison

Online Communications Officer, Global Communities

Thank you for the accurate and well-written article about our program. It reads like a dream.

Rachael Jones

Program Director, Livingston (Mont.) Public Schools Farm to School Program

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