Mary Rosewood: Technical Writer / Editor

Montana technical writer and technical editor

In Montana, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help a neighbor.

That’s how I run my business.

Are you feeling overworked? You know you need to liven up your website, get that white paper out the door, maybe interview a satisfied customer and write about how excited they are to use your product. But there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Case studies . . . white papers . . . ebooks . . . I write these so you can communicate clearly with your customers.


Are you frustrated because you did hire someone to help you, but they didn’t quite get it right?

For 30 years I’ve been interviewing folks and writing up their stories, as well as editing technical documentation and law books — all with lots of crazy details to keep track of. I’m an expert at listening to what you want done, then making sure I keep in touch with you along the way so we both know the project is going where you want it to go.


As a bonus, as needed, all my writing comes with SEO optimization best practices and attention to localization and legal concerns. As an award-winning copy editor and technical editor, I know how to use my editing prowess to create text ready for publication and for your audience.


Getting started on a project with me is easy:

1. Set up a time to talk about what you need. Send an email to, and I’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours.

2. During the 30-minute free consultation, we’ll see if we are a good fit for each other. If yes, we’ll decide where to begin, and then finish the conversation with a firm first step and tentative ongoing steps.

3. I’ll follow up our conversation by sending you a summary of what we talked about. After you approve the plan and the pricing, I’ll roll up my sleeves and get started.


You’re ready for text that brings customers to your door. I’m ready to write it.



You work hard to perfect the technology that helps your customers do their work better and better. Clear writing will keep you ahead of the competition.


Your clients deserve the best you can give them. Keep your words clean and tidy by using a professional editor and proofreader, who will make sure your message is loud and clear.


You’re the hero of your story. And it’s a story that needs to be told. But sorting out details, finding time to write, and making sure you say what you want to say are all eluding you.


Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Books edited

Writing Samples

Sample case study for a business (.pdf)

The Salvation Army Gave Roxanne a Place to Start (link to nonprofit case study blog post)

Farm to School (.pdf) (from my biweekly “Local Food Matters” column in the Park County (Mont.) Community Journal)

Local Food Highlight – Montana cherries (pdf.) (excerpt from my ebook, Montana Farmers Markets 2010 Guide: Stories of Montana food and the people who produce it)

Market Highlight – Mary’s Hat (pdf.) (excerpt from my ebook, Montana Farmers Markets 2010 Guide: Stories of Montana food and the people who produce it)





Working with Mary on this writing project has been a great experience because of her professionalism and talent. Mary has a passion and gift for telling a good story.

Jan Gunter

Communications Director, The Salvation Army, Austin Metropolitan Area Command

Thanks, Mary – looks great! I’m impressed by your thoroughness!

Carol Garrison

Online Communications Officer, Global Communities

Thank you for the accurate and well-written article about our program. It reads like a dream.

Rachael Jones

Program Director, Livingston (Mont.) Public Schools Farm to School Program

I create clear text that keeps you way ahead of the competition.


Let’s get started on your project: