“Tell your story. The one only you could tell. We need it.”

~ Jamie Boylan, screenwriter

I don’t just write. I also edit. Why does this matter?

As an editor, I’ve worked behind the scenes, so to speak, which has given me a good look at what readers need. I’ve helped bring to life books written by people who wanted to share what they’ve learned: a memoir about the Vietnam War; a heart-healthy lifestyle cookbook; a business book on the importance of fitting rooms in a clothing store.

From long experience, I know how to create text that readers learn from and enjoy.

Journalistic writing

As a former journalist, I write copy efficiently, effectively, and on deadline. I enjoy interviewing people and getting their stories written down to share with a wide audience. My greatest asset: I listen. Not just to your words, but to your meaning.

In addition, as a trained and experienced journalist, I have interviewed hundreds of people to write and share their stories with a wide audience. Everyone has a story. I’ve been honored to help many get into print.

My self-published ebook, Montana Farmers Markets: Stories of Montana Food and the People Who Produce It (2010) was the natural outcome of my curiosity about who lives in Montana. In 2009, I traveled throughout Montana to visit every farmers market, driving 8,000 miles to meet the people who help feed the state. I discovered every person, every market, every region, has a story. I told a few of these stories in my book, but there are more to come.

This article will help you understand the importance of my journalism experience: Ten Reasons You Should Hire a Journalist.

  1. Journalists will improve the writing, photography, or design in your organization.
  2. Journalists deliver on deadline.
  3. Journalists are multitaskers.
  4. Journalists are quick studies.
  5. Journalists are critical thinkers.
  6. Journalists get answers faster than most.
  7. Journalists know how to use the Web.
  8. Journalists have a great work ethic.
  9. Journalists have a solid moral compass.
  10. Journalists are loyal.

Publishing experience

From my years working in the publishing industry, I know there is more to a book than simply putting words on paper. A few items to consider:

  • Who are you writing the book for?
  • When the book is written, you’ll need an editor to sharpen the prose. At the end, a proofreader will tidy up.
  • How will readers find information in your book? You might need an index.
  • Will you pursue a traditional publisher or use a self-publishing service?
  • How will you sell the book? Do you need an agent? Will you market it yourself?

Depending on the project, you might not need to answer all these questions, but you certainly should think about them.

Global communication

We live in a closely connected world; writing clearly for an international audience not only makes sense, it’s essential.

I enjoyed several years teaching English as a Second Language to students from a variety of countries entering the Seattle public school system, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I learned a lot from these young people about straightforward communication. This helps me assist you to put your thoughts clearly on paper.

My love of words: Your finished book

Editing, writing, and teaching English has made a satisfying career for me. But it’s not just how I spend my workday. I love to read. I love the flow of words, the rhythm of text. I enjoy putting words and phrases in just the right place. I get deep satisfaction in seeing a finished book, with spelling and grammar and meaning neatly packaged for readers to delight in.

“I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks on the wonderful article you wrote about the Glendale Community Foundation. I think you captured the themes and goals of the Foundation very accurately, thoroughly, and interestingly. It was a terrific article.”

~ Thomas R. Miller, Executive Director, Glendale Community Foundation

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