I don’t just write. I also edit. Why does this matter?

During more than 25 years of editing text — books, magazines, newspapers, white papers, dissertations, brochures, web copy, indexes — from cover to cover, I’ve learned what makes a book easy to read. I have a well-trained eye for details, consistency, and what makes text flow for a reader. In essence, until your book is published, I am the reader.

As an editor, I’ve helped bring to life books written by people who wanted to share what they’ve learned: a memoir about the Vietnam War; a heart-healthy lifestyle cookbook; a business book on the importance of fitting rooms in a clothing store.

Journalistic writing

In addition, as a trained and experienced journalist, I have interviewed hundreds of people to write and share their stories with a wide audience. Everyone has a story. I’ve been honored to help many get into print.

My self-published ebook, Montana Farmers Markets: Stories of Montana Food and the People Who Produce It (2010) was the natural outcome of my curiosity about who lives in Montana. In 2009, I traveled throughout Montana to visit every farmers market. I wanted to meet the people who help feed the state. I discovered every person, every market, every region, has a story. I told a few of these stories in my book, but there are more to come.

I am currently ghostwriting a book that will showcase the night sky in Yellowstone with awe- inspiring photographs and Native American tales.

Global communication

I enjoyed a few years teaching English as a Second Language to students from a variety of countries entering the Seattle public school system, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I learned much from these young people about straightforward communication. We live in a closely connected world; writing clearly for a global audience not only makes sense, it’s essential.

My love of words: your finished book

This editing, writing, and language teaching has made a fulsome career for me. But it’s not just about how I spend my workday. I love to read. I love the flow of words, the rhythm of text. I enjoy putting words and phrases in just the right place. I get deep satisfaction in seeing the finished book, with spelling and grammar and meaning neatly packaged for readers to delight in.

Let’s discuss how I can help you get your ideas into a finished book.

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