Editing is my specialty

Technical books, legal books, science books, textbooks, annual reports, white papers, indexes, website copy, ad agency copy, fiction, cookbooks, self-help books, dissertations, newspapers, magazines, memoirs . . . I’ve edited just about everything.

I know when to bend rules to allow a writer to say something in a new and creative way. But I also know the rules that are not negotiable. The ultimate goal: clear communication.

Services I offer:

  • Technical editing
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading (My affordable Retainer Proofreading Package covers you for a quick, last-minute check of multiple types of materials, including emails, newsletters, PowerPoint slides, marketing copy, and more.)

Some of the companies I have helped as a technical editor, copy editor, and proofreader:

  • Oxford University Press (Law books division)
  • MagnifyMoney.com
  • Global Communities
  • Glendale (Calif.) News-Press
  • Seaside (Ore.) Signal
  • Microsoft

“Mary is exceedingly proficient in her skills and is without a doubt the best proofreader we have ever had on our staff in the 46 years that we have been in business. She totally immerses herself in the project before her and thinks like an author or editor.”

~ Sam Jaffe, Publisher, Building News, Inc.

How I can help you

I edit your text for grammar, punctuation, general style, and readability. I look for errors in fact and sense. I am the eyes of your audience.

No matter what you have written, I can help you fine-tune it to suit your audience. Whether I am editing, copyediting, or proofreading, I put all my effort into making your document accurate and readable. At the same time, I have never missed a deadline. Consider me a tolerant perfectionist.

If you want me to help you write, my editing skills will help make the process go smoother. Knowing where words should go before your project gets too involved makes things easier in the long run.

Get in touch with me to discuss your project. Let’s make sure your readers aren’t confused by what you think you’ve written.

Free initial consultation

Contact Mary at mary@maryrosewrites.com