I learned a lot about technical writing as a journalist

As a journalist, I honed skills relevant to technical writing:

  • Big picture thinking
  • Project management
  • Research and interviewing
  • Simplifying complex problems
  • Storytelling

I learned even more about technical writing at Microsoft

I devoted 10 years to Microsoft as a technical editor, ensuring error-free UX documentation. As a contributing writer, I assisted developers and writers revise white papers, strategy documents, and marketing materials.

I served as the reference person on my writing and editing team for accessibility and globalization issues, making sure all documentation was optimized for an international audience, with no room for cultural or legal misinterpretation.

I delved into project management to collaborate with developers and designers, digging into complex details and translating them for a wide audience.

Today I use technical writing to help you reach your customers

The copy I write today uses the best of technical writing to ensure:

  • accuracy: Is every detail correct?
  • readability: Can customers who read English as a second language understand the nuances of the text? Are clients finding you through your SEO? (They can’t read what they don’t see.)
  • consistency: Do terms appear capitalized and lowercase? Are you using different acronyms for the same expression? Are commas playing hide-and-seek?

I specialize in:

Case studies, success stories, profiles, bios, About pages

  • Show potential customers how satisfied your current customers are
  • Highlight your staff and other important people in your business with descriptive profiles

Keep in mind: Your company success stories inspire your employees, too. They can see that what they do makes a difference in the lives of other people — a difference far beyond company profit.

I also write:

  • blog posts
  • website text
  • white papers

Published writing


Mary combines an extraordinarily sharp mind with diligence, strong organizing skills, and clear, precise writing.

~ Martin Burns, Senior Producer, KCET News Los Angeles

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