The process

As a journalist, I listen to you, ask questions to clarify your goals, pull together all the sources of information needed, and condense these many details into a coherent text.

As an editor, I search for just the right word and place it in just the right place. I know how words should flow grammatically, but I also know when to break rules to make your message unique. Being an editor also means I am detail-oriented and consistent with spelling and terminology.

Don’t forget your global audience

Your customers can be anywhere in the world. Using my experience with globalization and writing for English-as-a-Second Language learners, I create text that is understood across a wide international audience.

Your audience deserves the best you can give them.

Your readers, your customers, want to know your story. Tell it with clarity, tell it with style.

I specialize in:

Case studies, success stories, profiles, bios
  • Show potential customers how satisfied your current customers are
  • Highlight your staff and other important people in your business with descriptive profiles

Keep in mind: Your company success stories inspire your employees, too. They can see that what they do makes a difference in the lives of other people — a difference far beyond company profit.

General writing

My writing has appeared in many places in print and online, including the following:

  • active4life (newsletter)
  • Glendale (Calif.) News-Press
  • Health Kick (London) (magazine)
  • Hill Country News (Cedar Park, Tex.)
  • L.A. Weekly
  • Los Angeles Times
  • MetriTech (writing English as a Second Language reading passages and test items)
  • Microsoft technical documentation
  • Montana Woman (magazine)
  • Puget Sound Business Journal
  • Rural Montana (magazine)
  • Salvation Army (Austin, Tex.) blog
  • Seaside (Ore.) Signal
  • Seattle Times
  • Seattle Weekly
  • Sunday Oregonian
  • United Press International (London office)
  • Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages (newsletter)

I will help you communicate your clearest message.

Free initial consultation

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Proud graduate of Casey Hibbard’s Case Study Writer’s Mad Skills Crash Course.